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Black Cats and Halloween

Has a black cat crossed your path recently? If so, you have nothing to fear! To some people, this can be a sign of bad luck. This belief can be dated back to the Middle Ages when people believed black cats to be cohorts of witches and carry curses. However, there is no evidence of...
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Introducing IndyHumane Downtown Clinic

IndyHumane will be opening its clinic doors, formerly known as the IndyHumane Animal Welfare Center, as the newly-branded “IndyHumane Downtown Clinic” on Oct. 28, 2019. The animal welfare organization received a grant in July from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and utilized the grant for spay/neuter operational support and a re-brand of the clinic....
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IndyHumane’s Statement on Recent New York Declawing Legislation

the recent passing of New York legislation S.5532B/A.1303 which bans pet owners from declawing cats: “We applaud the efforts of New York’s state legislature on the passage of S.5532B/A.1303 into state law. Declawing is simply an outdated and unnecessary practice. This opinion has been part of IndyHumane’s ideology as an organization for years, and we...
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Foster Parent Highlight: Paige Devine

Paige Devine is an active foster parent here at IndyHumane. Over the years Paige has opened more than just her home to animals in need, but also the entirety of her heart. We were inspired greatly by Paige’s experience in our foster care department and want to share her story. If you or someone you...
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