low-cost spay/neuter clinic

The IndyHumane Downtown Spay/Neuter Clinic is located at 456 N. Holmes Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222.

You can email with any questions at spayneuterhelp@indyhumane.org

All Services are by appointment only. If no appointments appear, we are full.  Please continue to check back regularly.

For pets not needing surgery, please make an appointment for vaccines, microchipping and more at one of our low-cost vaccine clinics by clicking this button:

click here for our vaccine clinics

  • A non-refundable $60 deposit per pet is required when requesting an appointment. The deposit will be applied to your pet’s total bill and the balance is due before your pet can go home.
    • Deposits are made online using a credit/debit card only.  If using Care Credit or a voucher/certificate to cover your surgery, you must still make a deposit to secure your appointment.  The deposit will then be refunded the day of surgery once your voucher is received or Care Credit information is provided for payment.
      • Cancellations made 72 hours or more in advance of the surgery date may reschedule without penalty or receive a refund of the deposit and any additional payments paid.
      • Cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance of the surgery date will result in a loss of the deposit (additional payment will be refunded) and will require you to reschedule online and provide another $60 deposit to schedule a new appointment.
  • We accept cash, debit/credit ​(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and Care Credit (no checks).
  • All surgery patients (that are at least 3 months of age and 3lbs) must be current on their rabies vaccine
    • If your pet is not current, the vaccine can be provided during surgery at your cost
    • Proof of Rabies vaccine is required and can be uploaded during booking or emailed in advance of the surgery date.  Vaccine cost will be automatically added at booking until proof is received and reviewed.  A rabies tag is not sufficient proof.  We must receive a copy of the vaccine certificate.
  • Pets must be a minimum of 2 months old and 2 lbs for surgery. We do not have a maximum weight range for surgery patients
  • Pre-surgery bloodwork is highly recommended for animals 8 years and older. This allows us to look for underlying conditions that may make surgery risky.
    • IndyHumane can provide this service for $60 in our vaccine clinics.
    • If you have results from your veterinarian, you may send by email.
    • If no bloodwork test results are provided, you will be required to sign a High Risk Waiver (for pets 8 years and older).
    • You can email us with any questions at spayneuterhelp@indyhumane.org
For Rescue Partners:

If you own or operate a qualifying 501c3 dog or cat rescue or municipal shelter and are in need of spay/neuter or vaccine clinic services for the animals in your rescue, you may qualify for special pricing. Please email spayneuterhelp@indyhumane.org for more information.

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General Public


  • includes surgery, nail trim, take home pain medication and an e-collar
  • Zip Code/Public Assistance


  • includes surgery, nail trim, take home pain medication and an e-collar
  • Additional Fees

    Umbilical hernia repair (available only for spay/neuter patients as part of a spay/neuter surgery)


    General Public


  • includes surgery, nail trim, 72-hour pain medication injection and an e-collar
  • Zip Code/Public Assistance


  • includes surgery, nail trim, take home pain medication and an e-collar
  • special discounts

    Regardless of income or public assistance program participation, if you live in one of the qualifying zip codes listed below, and can show proof of address, you will qualify for a reduced rate ($120 for dogs/puppies, $80 for cats/kittens) for surgery:

    46201, 46203, 46205, 46218, 46219, 46221, 46222, 46226, 46227, 46241

    In addition to these opportunities, the IndyHumane Downtown Clinic is a participating vet with Pet Friendly Services. Pet Friendly Services offers a $25 voucher program for pets, regardless of size or gender. Applicants must be approved through a needs-based public assistance program or income qualifications. More information is available here.

    spay/neuter surgery instructions

    The night before surgery:

    After midnight, do not offer your pet any food.
    • Exception: animals 4 months or younger should be given ½ their normal meal at breakfast in the morning
    Your pet may continue to have access to water up until the time of surgery.

    The day of surgery:
    • Drop off your pet to our Downtown Clinic: 456 N. Holmes Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222
    • Drop off is at 7:30 am sharp for both cats and dogs. Pick up is at 3:30 pm sharp the same day.
      Community cat caretakers may choose to pick up:
      • Same day at 4:30 pm (if caretaker is able to recover the cat indoors overnight)
      • Next day at 9 am or 3:30 pm (only available for Tuesday-Thursday surgery patients)

    Surgery consent forms and paperwork should be completed online and in advance. Upon arrival, park in the numbered parking spaces and use your cell phone to follow the instructions on the signs. Please stay in your vehicle until otherwise directed.

    Cats must come in a carrier or trap and all dogs must be on a leash. If your pet is not in a carrier or on a leash, you will be required to purchase one from our retail selection.

    community cat caretakers

    • Our Community Cat package includes the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccination, 72-hour pain injection, Bravecto 3 month flea/tick prevention, and ear tip for outdoor stray and feral cats.
      • This package costs just $60 and can make a huge impact on your community! You can learn more about Community Cats and TNR (trap/neuter/return) here. 
    • Click here to schedule an appointment for community cat spay/neuter. Be sure select the Community Cat Package on the checkout screen.
      •  Please note, we are not able to assist with trapping and/or transportation of community cats. You need to be able to catch, safely contain, and bring to the clinic for a scheduled appointment.
      • If you need help, such as trapping a large colony of cats, reach out to Indy Neighborhood Cats.