stray pets

report a lost or found pet here

Below are stray animals who are in IndyHumane’s care. If you believe one of the animals in IndyHumane’s care is your lost pet, please bring proof of ownership (vet records, a picture of the animal with you, and/or microchip information) to the shelter during regular business hours. Please do not call; visit the shelter at your earliest convenience. Our intake staff is in from approximately 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily.

Per Indianapolis City-County General Ordinance No. 531-731, stray animals will be held a minimum of four days. It is possible that stray animals who are under investigation for suspected cruelty or other concerns will be transferred to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, who may assess fines.
After the minimum stray hold of four days from the intake date listed, a stray animal will be given medical and behavior exams and may then be sent to a foster home or made available for adoption.

Owners will be required to pay for any vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries, tests, or treatments provided to their pet while in IndyHumane custody. IndyHumane reserves the right to transfer animals to Indianapolis Animal Care Services for reclaiming by owners. Owners of found animals will pay $10 per day for cost of care when they come to IndyHumane to reclaim their pet. There will also be an additional fee of $10 for a microchip so that the pet has permanent identification, if the animal was not microchipped prior.