how to adopt

are you ready to add a new furry friend to your family? IndyHumane is happy to help!

Since 1905. IndyHumane has been a leading voice for homeless animals in the Indianapolis area. Our Adoption Team will help you find the best new companion to fit your lifestyle and needs.

adoption center hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday: 12pm – 7pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

The Adoption Process times can vary depending on the number of patrons we are serving.  Due to the time commitment of adopting a new pet, we are unable to start animal introductions, place adoption holds, or process adoptions at least 30 minutes prior to close. We look forward to providing you with our full attention as you embark on the exciting adventure of becoming a new pet parent!


We do not accept applications for animals who are not yet available for adoption, nor do we keep a wait list.


Please note: Some animals in our care have a different adoption protocol; please refer to the animal’s profile for information on how to apply.

how to adopt

  1. Visit our North Michigan Road Adoption Center to browse available pets at our shelter — All of our adoptable animals are listed on our website, which is updated throughout each day as animals are made available for adoption, and as they’re placed on hold for approved adopters. Some of our adoptable pets require an online adoption process, which will be noted in their profile.
  2. Matchmaking — Once you find a pet you are interested in, you will fill out an adoption survey to meet with our Adoption Team. At that time, we will review the life and medical history of the pet you are interested in adopting, and together we will make sure the fit is perfect for both your family and the pet.
  3. Finalizing the Adoption — Most pets can go home same day. Holds can be placed for a $30 non-refundable, non-transferable fee in addition to the adoption fee. Holds are good until the close of the next business day. Animals must be met in person before a hold can be placed. If you do not complete the adoption during the hold period, the animal will become available to other patrons and the fee will be considered a donation.
  4. Introductions — We recommend that all members of the household meet the pet prior to adoption. Some dogs may require an introduction with your resident dog; arrangements for a Dog Introduction will be made during the matchmaking process. Please note – we can only facilitate introductions when the dog in our care requires one. We do not facilitate cat introductions. We can provide you with tips and instruction for introducing your pets at home.
  5. Heading Home — All dogs and puppies must leave the shelter with an appropriate leash and collar (no choke chains, prong collars, or retractable leashes can be used), and all cats and kittens must leave the shelter in an appropriate carrier. These items can be brought with you or purchased in Retail Store.
  6. Welcome to the IndyHumane family! — Congratulations! At adoption, you will be provided with a VCA Certificate for a complimentary Wellness Exam that must be scheduled within two weeks of adoption. This certificate covers up to $250 in care for specific, common post-adoption conditions. If you have any behavior concerns, please refer to our Behavior Resources. Thank you for choosing to adopt from IndyHumane!