Happy Update: Kaelas!

April 30, 2019 | Happy Tails

We are so thrilled to hear from Kaelas’s Mom, Amanda! Happy updates like hers inspire us to keep advocating for Indianapolis’s homeless animals.

Here is what Amanda had to say about her fuzzy addition to her family:

“I wanted to send you a follow up on Kaelas, who was known in your facility as Cobain.  It’s been nearly six months since I adopted my boy and he’s emotionally grown so much!  I was told he’s independent and standoffish. I was warned about how much he bites. And this is all true; he has very strong boundaries and feels the need to protect them.

Now six months later, he’s still my independent boy, but he rarely “protects” himself around me anymore. He sleeps with me every night, either with his head cupped in my hand, or pressed against me.  Every morning when I leave for work, he gets kisses on top of his head – back in October this would have been a dangerous move, but now he purrs and I leave him happy, as long as I don’t linger against him. He now even requests affection and nuzzles me.  He’s even recently started laying down in my arms; as long as I don’t pick him up, we’re all good.  I’m working on picking him up just long enough to give him a quick snuggle, then put him right back down. We’re making progress on that. The other day I picked him up and he actually nuzzled his head against my chin before letting me know he was done.
I love him so very much.  I’ve been learning his language and learning what makes him comfortable and what makes him irritated.  And we’re doing really well together.  He still gives me a smack every now and then, but these days it’s more often in play.  He has the run of my apartment and there are toys everywhere (half of which he ignores).  He sleeps either in his bed, in my bed or on the couch staring out the window.  We enjoy going out on the balcony for fresh air and I’m looking forward to warmer weather so we can spend more than just a few minutes out there at a time.
We’ve had a couple of health issues. After taking him back and forth to the vet for xrays and ultrasounds to rule out kidney issues, bladder stones, UTI, etc. we’ve learned that he’s one to stress-pee.  He has meds and I’m doing what I can to make his environment as stress-free as possible.  Stormy season should be fantastic.  But we’re dealing with it.
He’s still incredibly food motivated and despite my efforts still weighs in at sixteen pounds.  We’re working on it.
I hope you don’t mind me sending you the update. I just wanted to let you all know how well he’s doing and how much I absolutely love him.  He has quite the following of fans on Facebook!  Adopting him was the best decisions I’ve made. And seeing him turn from a cat who constantly protected himself into a cat that snoozes through my nose boops has been the absolute best journey.  He’s my boy, forever.
Thank you for all that you do for the animals that don’t have homes.  Thank you for keeping my boy safe until we could find each other. “