Meet our 2018-2019 Mutt Strut Top Dogs!

April 17, 2019 | BlogNews

Indy came in to Meghan Kaphammer and her husband Phil’s lives on July 1, 2015.  Meghan brought him home from the shelter a few days earlier than planned as a surprise for Phil’s birthday. However, Indy was the one who received the biggest surprise when his new older brother, Bama, introduced himself and claimed Indy as his own by immediately raising his leg and peeing on him.  In what we have come to learn is typical Indy fashion, he barely acknowledged what had happened and has been obsessed with his older brother ever since.  Indy’s favorite things include cheese, cold weather, showing people his toys, getting in his brother’s personal space, and laying down regardless of the location.

Julie Osborne (aka “Oz”) is Mom to Top Dog, Toto. Their unlikely encounter led to Toto’s rescue from a hoarding/breeding situation where he lived outside in horrendous conditions with 15 other dogs. Since his rescue, tiny 6 lb.Toto has survived cancer, parasites, and Lyme disease, and he is now training to be a ther-apy dog. For the past year, Oz and Toto have been sharing their inspirational tales through their work on Pet Pals TV as well as raising awareness and funds for Indy Humane. Toto would agree, “There’s no place like home.” Follow their adventures on Facebook and Instagram at OzandToto.

Photos courtesy of Stacy Able Photography

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