Happy Update: Wally!

May 7, 2019 | BlogHappy Tails

Today is the final day of #NationalPetWeek and what better way to wrap up a whole week dedicated to appreciating companion animals than with a very special Happy Tail!? We reached out to FOX59 Meteorologist, Amber Hardwick, to see how things have been going at her household since adopting Wally from our adoption center! Her update on Wally captured the essence of how adopting a furry best friend can truly complete a family.

Grab a box of tissues, hold your loved pups close and check out this heartfelt and very Happy Tail!

“When I woke up on the morning of March 8, I was not expecting to add another member to our family. My name is Amber Hardwick and I am a meteorologist at FOX59 WXIN in Indianapolis. I work closely with the morning show, which was where I met the newest member of our family. IndyHumane arrived to the station to promote their Puppy and Kitten Baby Shower that weekend.

The group brought in two puppies named Bean and Wally, and I immediately fell in love.  At first, I was just trying to get
my mom to adopt one the puppies from the litter! However, I kept watching the two boys play in the studio and knew we could provide a great home for one of the pups. I contacted my husband and we decided to take the leap and adopt our little Wally as soon as IndyHumane opened its doors that afternoon. My mom also decided to adopt
Wally’s sister, Sugar! We thought it would be a great opportunity for the two pups to grow up together.

 When you adopt a pet, you’re saving a life. That is why I chose to adopt Wally. Wally’s mom and his litter mates were found in an abandoned house around Christmas time. I am so thankful each day for the person who found his mom and the litter. You often hear negative news involving animal abuse and it is absolutely heart-breaking. If the wrong person would’ve found them, Wally might not be sitting comfortably on the couch in my living room right now. Saving a pet’s life is very important, but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you do! There are plenty of loving pets in shelters just waiting for that opportunity to have a happy home.

Our family has rescued two cats and we now have two dogs. My husband Nick and I first adopted two kittens from a shelter in 2014. They are sisters and we didn’t want to separate them. We also have a yellow Lab named Riley who is a bundle of joy! Riley and Wally quickly became best buds! The two of them love to play and sleep together.

Riley loves to take long walks, so I try to take both dogs on a walk together, but Wally is not exactly a fan of walking right now. He will usually walk a few houses down and then decides to sit on the sidewalk when he doesn’t want to go anymore! Wally is also a little magician! He always finds a way to escape his crate when we run errands. He has escaped so many times that I have had to buy a “puppy camera” to spy on him while I’m out!

Wally is obsessed with food, eating things he isn’t supposed to eat and napping. He also enjoys playing with his sister Riley and Sugar! The dogs will usually run around for a few minutes and then pass out. This cycle usually happens several times a day. Wally also snores while he sleeps and loves to cuddle right next to you! Riley, being a yellow Lab  is easily visible at night but since Wally is mainly black, I have a hard time spotting him outside at night. There are times he is sitting right next to my feet and I am calling his name trying to find him!

Animals are the best. After coming home from work, I love spending time with our pets. They are always so happy when you first walk through the door! You may come home in a terrible mood, but your mood immediately improves as soon as you see the wagging tails and happy faces!

Pets are loyal and they deserve to be treated well. They will love you unconditionally as long as you give them the best life you possibly can!

Adopting an animal at IndyHumane was a rewarding experience and one of the
best decisions we have ever made. Not only did we save a life, but our family is so happy to have Wally. It is evident that the people who work and volunteer at IndyHumane genuinely care about the animals. They will do whatever is necessary to take care of the animals and truly want to find the best homes for them!”