Leroy Brown’s Story of Success and Inspiration

July 21, 2010 | Happy Tails

My daughter, Chelsea, adopted “Bacon” from the Humane Society of Indianapolis in July of 2007. He had a “yellow card” (meaning that he may not get along with other animals or may need some behavioral training) but she took the chance.

Leroy (as he’s now called) is a very funny dog. He is loved by Chelsea and her family. I refer to him as my Grandson. Chelsea moved to Nashville, TN more than a year ago and Leroy Brown is very happy there.

The second success about Leroy Brown is that he inspired me to paint again – I had not painted since about 1987. I painted his portrait and it inspired me to write a book (now in progress). I copyrighted Leroy Brown as I envisioned him in the public eye.

Recently, I uploaded my artwork online and Leroy Brown is included in the art.

Thanks for all you do. I have a cat from IndyHumane”>IndyHumane and I live in Florida now. My two dogs are from Princeton, IN and Frankfurt, IN from shelters. My daughters and I are all about the shelter animals and wish them a good home.


With love for the animals and much hope for them, Melanie Wadman