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May 17, 2013 | Happy Tails

[Editor's note: Two Good Samaritans in Ohio found Freddie, an injured and scared FIV+ cat. These good samaritans provided veterinary care and housed Freddie for several months until he could come to IndyHumane to find his forever home. Shortly after Freddie arrived at IndyHumane, the women who found Freddie visited him our FIV Room. Coincidentally, they visited right before he was adopted! Amazing timing, and we’re very happy for this sweet boy! Here is a note we received recently from Freddie's adopters. We hope you enjoy.]

Dear Cincinnati Rescue Squad for Freddie-the-Cat (FIV+):
(We adopted Freddie-the-Cat in Indianapolis, IN on April 28, 2013: Maryanne Wagner and Scott Marchal):

You women in Cincinnati who rescued Freddie-the-Cat are The Classiest Cats Around!

Our friend, Freddie-the-Cat, is doing very well! To wit:

And, Freddie gets along rather well with our other cat, Neo.
For example:

You Freddie-supporters-in-Cincinnati are a VERY decent sort. Some of you might be old enough to remember a few of the Star Trek Original Series Episodes:

Such as :

"The Doomsday Machine"
At the end of this hairsplitting episode, Scotty and Mr. Kyle beamed Kirk aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise—at the last possible moment.

Likewise, you Cincinnati Rescue Squad members beamed Freddie aboard OUR ship—at the last possible moment.

And now Freddie is safe and sound with us..And we thank you, Cincinnati Rescue Squad.

Freddie out.


Maryanne Wagner and Scott Marchal,
In Care of,
Freddie Feline Wagner