November 6, 2018 | Happy Tails

Daisy and I have grown to be quite close since my boyfriend and I adopted her.  She sleeps by me every night and loves to play with lasers, tissue paper, and my hair! She has a perch by the window where she gets to watch and “hunt” birds all day and watches for me to get home from work. She also loves to play with (and strategically mess up) my front door rug on a daily basis.

Daisy recently went to the vet for her yearly shots, and she is as fit as a fiddle, which is always welcoming news! 

Miss Daisy Maxine is still sassy as ever! Sometimes I get lucky though, and she lets me cuddle with her.  She is very loved and I don’t know what I (or my boyfriend) would do without her.  We are so happy to have found her and we are very thankful to those at Indy Humane who had hope in her.

Thank you for all you guys do!