Broke Girl, Free Will

August 9, 2023 | BlogEvents

The animals that make me want create a will. (Seven of Nine, Oberon, Murphy, Leonard)

By Colleen Walker – IndyHumane Marketing & PR Coordinator

You’re never too young to do some basic estate planning, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars creating something for after you die? I get it – creating a will can feel…weird. I’m 34, I’m young, what do I need a will for? Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned and having a will can not only give you peace of mind for you, but for your family. They’ll be happy knowing they are carrying out your wishes, and not guessing at what you would like. Plus, I like knowing that if I die, my animals are taken care of. 

Luckily, FreeWill makes it incredibly easy to go through something that can feel so heavy. And it’s completely free! I followed the link that IndyHumane provided and within 30 seconds I was already starting the process of creating my will. 

Among the construction noise around my apartment, my dogs barking at said construction noises, and my kitten desperately trying to get my attention by biting me, I was able to create a will in just 15 minutes.

FreeWilll goes through all the steps individually (and saves if you need to come back to it later) so you can complete the process without feeling overwhelmed. It asks for: 

  1.       Personal Information
  2.       What you want to happen with children or pets
  3.       What happens to your assets – you can list all assets now or move on for later. I needed to get my assets in order first, but I know I can log in and add them at any time.
  4.       Any gifts you want to give to non-profits (I chose IndyHumane, obviously 🙂)
  5.       Funeral arrangements, if any. 
  6.       What happens to your body after death.

Once I had gone through all of those, I was able to download the will, print it off, have it signed by three witnesses, and my will is legally binding. I’m really glad I was able to make this happen. I can be the worst about planning for the future – and especially for this – so it’s comforting to know that if something were to happen to me tomorrow, I know my pets will be taken care of. 

Start your will journey with FreeWill and IndyHumane here.