Pupdate Time from Maeby (now Mia!)

January 3, 2020 | Happy Tails

Enjoy this sweet pupdate from the face of our holiday campaign in 2018! Maeby came to IndyHumane as a stray in need of intensive surgery for her hips as well as cherry eye, but in the care of a foster home she recovered and found her way to her forever home!

“I am the dog mama to my sweet Mia. I adopted her from IndyHumane in August of 2018 (she was named Maeby). She was a medical sponsorship dog when she came to you guys & when I adopted her we were still working through her hip surgery and using all 4 of her legs.
You may recognize her from the holiday campaign last year- she was on billboards & mailers all across Indy. She loved the publicity. 🤪
Mia has come SO far & is the biggest blessing in our life. She loves pup cups, cuddles & long walks in the sunshine. She will be our “dog flower girl” in our wedding next October- stay tuned! I can’t thank IndyHumane and the amazing staff who took care of Mia more!
I have attached pictures of her! Thank you for everything IndyHumane! ♥️