April 17, 2015 | Happy Tails

My husband and I randomly visited the Humane Society of Indianapolis on our way back from Chicago one Sunday. When we went, we fell in love with a cute little 5 year old Yorkie named Marley. We had absolutely NO intentions of getting a dog, but we felt a connection with Marley right away.

We took Marley out to play and he was PERFECT! I knew I had to convince my husband that we HAD to have him. With just a little arm pulling, he agreed and we were taking Marley home an hour later!

At first, Marley was a pain to train. He would potty in the house and would nip at people. With some love and constant training, we were able to pretty much (he still has a few outbreaks, but he's a kid!) break him of the bad habits!

Marley is now the most spoiled rotten dog imaginable! Not only do my husband and I spoil him, but his grandmas from both Southern Indiana and Florida spoil him beyond rotten. He now sleeps on a king size bed, gets his belly rubbed for hours a day, eats wet dog food more expensive than my own meals, and gets treats galore. I'd say Marley is living the life- and he has made me just as happy as he is! He is truly my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me (besides MAYBE my husband).

Thank you for everything you guys do!
Laura, Skyler, and Marley Moe