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August 14, 2013 | Happy Tails

I, Maddie (formerly Romania), wanted to give you a little update on how I am doing at my forever home. It has been almost a year since Momma and TT came to adopt me! I have been having the time of my life! Since I came to live with Momma and TT, I have had so much fun. For starters, soon after they got me, we celebrated my BIRTHDAY! They got me the best toys, and a puppy cake! TT also took me to the dog park, where I got to meet some super great dogs! Then it was almost time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! Both of those times I went with TT to her family where I got to meet some of my best friends! I got to play with Chey, Champ, and Jewels! Chey was by far my best friend there! She is quick, however I am smarter. For Christmas, Momma and TT got me some amazing gifts and bones. However, the best Christmas present came about a month later when we adopted my sister, Bella! She is a Chihuahua, however she can go hard like me. Momma and TT like to call me a beast! Bella and I were not best friends right away, mostly because she was scared to death and thought I was going to eat her. However, we soon became best friends. I even share my toys, bones, and food! I have had no issues with my food aggression. Nowadays we play hard and sometimes get in trouble, but TT and momma still love us. I have had an amazing first year. I have really come out of my shell. When momma and TT first got me, I was nervous and scared, so I went into beast mode. But now, I love my home and only go into beast mode occasionally! I am so happy here with my family.

Thank you, Humane Society of Indianapolis, for adopting me to such a great family.

Maddie the Hulk Puppy