July 26, 2013 | Happy Tails

Charlemagne came to be a part of my family a little over 2 years ago, after 1 year of asking my mother everyday if I could have a cat. She eventually succumbed, and I was happy to find Charlie (then, Oliver) at the Humane Society of Indianapolis! I knew I wanted an adult cat with their own defined personality. Being a part of the medical field I wanted an animal that would be independent, but also love me and be soft and warm when I came home at the end of a long day.

What I got was a sassy diva-sphinx that my whole family loves. Charlie spends his days mostly lounging about my apartment or running around "Disney Land" at my parents house in Anderson. We call it Disney Land because there is so much to do! So many things to watch, and long halls to run down for no reason! (In our family, we call that behavior "chasing ghost mice.")

Charlie turned out to be a perfect cat for my family. Pretty mellow, independent, and already old enough to have a personality. He now is a popular addition to my instagram feed and topic of conversation among friends, family, and strangers who I decide to tell about my awesome pet.

Some of Charlie's most "unique" qualities have to be 1) his high-pitched feminine meow 2) his lack of water intake, unless the water is provided in a human-sized cup with crushed ice, and 3) his love to sleep with his feet stretched out straight in front of him (very regal).

Charlie's Likes: Brushings, canned tuna, the refrigerator (for some reason he always is between you and what is in the fridge), always being in contact (will reach out a paw to touch you), and laying his head on your mouse-hand when you surf the internet.

Charlie's Dislikes: Car rides, dry food, when you are nearby while he is pooping, distressed-sounding kitties on the internet, and when you are not in contact with him.

I wanted to send this happy-tail to show that getting an older cat (Charlie was 11 when I adopted) can be a wonderful experience of integrating them into your family.