Benny Web
November 25, 2013 | Happy Tails

We adopted our Benny from the Humane Society of Indianapolis in August of 2009. My family had just moved to Indy from Hawaii, and we were looking for a new pet to help make Indy really feel like our home. I went onto your website and saw a picture of Benny, and I fell in love. I could hardly wait until you opened. I was first at the door the next day, only to find out that Benny was in foster care. He had some anxiety and behavioral issues. Your staff was very forthcoming with this information. I was told that the dog was not at the facility, but that they would contact the foster family and would be in touch. By the time I reached my home, I already had an email from the foster mom…she was willing to meet me that day! I raced back to meet her. Benny was very anxious and barked nonstop at our first meeting, which gave my husband some serious doubts about our ability to handle such a pet. But, I really felt that he would be fine once we had him home, and I was correct. He is the King of the Castle! Benny has found his forever home. I must say, he has been the best, most loving pet we have ever had. This was such a good experience for our family that we decided to adopt Benny a sister in November of 2011. Her name is Sadie, and our family is complete now. We are the proud parents of two of the most precious dogs ever! Thanks for all that you and your staff do for these animals.

Carol, Richard, Benny and Sadie