Axl and Brick

Axl And Brick
October 10, 2014 | Happy Tails

We found Tigger (now Axl) and Duckie (now Brick) July 19th at the Michigan road location. We were originally wanting only one kitten but fell in love with two little brothers. We renamed them after the tv show the Middle. Axl is outgoing and invincible. Brick is a little more reserved. We are so glad we decided on two kittens. They play all day with their dog siblings and with each other. They love their cat tree and have so many toys to play with. They are such loving kittens and so well behaved. They love playing "catfish,” a game where I have a small mouse attached to a fishing pole and slowly reel them in. Axl and Brick are giving us so many hours of enjoyment and love. I can't imagine life without them.