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Muffin is a unique girl who is set in her ways. This girl needs a home that can appreciate all she has to offer, while understanding she will need to do everything on her own terms. Muffin loves to climb and would love a home that has shelves she could sit on. Muffin also is a fan of bird watching! She would adore having a cozy place to snuggle up and look out the window in between naps. When Muffin moves to a new home, she will need plenty of time to decompress and settle in. This may take some time, and will come with some out-of-litterbox accidents, but she is on medication to help with that. Another way to help her with transitions is food! Muffin is extremely food motivated! She loves treats of all kinds, and fish-flavored wet foods. Muffin loves food so much, that you can even train her to do cute tricks with food rewards! She has even learned how to 'sit-pretty' before. Once you earn your place in Muffin's heart, this angel will make sure you know. She may be reserved, but she will lick your forehead or hand to show you she appreciates you! Muffin will need to be the only pet in the home, and will need to be on behavior medication. As Muffin settles in to the home, she may continue to defecate right outside the box. In her previous home, Muffin eventually settled into regular litter box usage. Muffin will need an adopter that is dedicated to working with her on these issues.

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