In April 2017, we went to IndyHumane to search for a new member to add to our family. We walked through the rooms numerous times, but no one stood out for us. My husband tried interacting with one of the “Berry” sisters (Hallie, Strawberry, Raspberry), but she showed no interest. At least not until he started to walk away. Before I knew it, my not-so-little husband was kneeling down and playing with her. As he tried to move away she reached up and put her paw on him. That quiet brindle girl had chosen us. Raspberry came home with us that day and became Birdie!

She just finished training her people in puppy classes and likes to learn new things. She knows sit, watch me, down, stay, shake and over. Running as fast as she can, jumping up toward the sky, and splashing in water are a few of her favorite things. Lightning bugs are fascinating and must be chased until she is exhausted. Her “welcome home hellos” make you smile and her kisses melt your heart. At 5 1/2 months old she is still growing and learning. We have lots of snuggles, training, and adventures ahead. With our Birdie, it will be a joy!