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Dogs rescued from South Korea to arrive in Indianapolis

A group of dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in rural Yesan, South Korea, by Humane Society International (HSI) will be arriving at the Humane Society of Indianapolis (IndyHumane) this week. 

This is the ninth dog meat farm that Humane Society International has permanently closed since 2014, rescuing and rehoming nearly 1,000 dogs by working in cooperation with dog meat farmers keen to get out of the trade. The farm in Yesan contained 149 dogs, including puppies, all of whom will be rescued and transported to the US this month.

The Humane Society of Indianapolis will receive and care for a group of these dogs. The dogs will be evaluated by IndyHumane’s veterinary team and provided with necessary medical care and treatment. The shelter’s behavior team will also work with each of these dogs to address their unique needs and prepare them for loving homes. Interested adopters can keep watch at Available dogs will be posted here once deemed ready.

“IndyHumane participates in The Humane Society of the United States’ Emergency Placement Partner program,” Steven Stolen, IndyHumane’s CEO, said. “Our shelter has outstanding professionals and the medical and behavioral resources necessary to help transform these dogs’ lives and provide them with a second chance. We’re grateful that our resources allow us to assist with this international program by responding to crises and rescues, while also continuing to help local animals in need.

For more information about HSI’s work to end the dog meat trade in Asia, visit

To support the dogs who just arrived and are now in the care of IndyHumane, please click here.