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working cats for hire!

What is a working cat? Working cats are cats that may not be suitable for strictly indoor living due to a lack of socialization or just a preference for living outside. Working cats act as a great, eco-friendly rodent deterrent (although we cannot guarantee they will actually catch anything) and they typically thrive in settings such as barns, stables, and warehouses – although, they can also do well in residential areas! All they ask for as payment is shelter, daily food and water, and any future veterinary care that may be necessary.

What comes with a working cat? All working cats are spayed/neutered and are up to date with their rabies and FVRCP vaccines. Many of these cats will have their ear tipped, which indicates to other people in the area who see the cat that he or she has already been spayed/neutered. Working cats must go home with at least one other cat.

How do I make sure my working cat stays near my property? All new working cats must be kept in a secure enclosure for a minimum of 2-4 weeks. This allows the cat to adjust to the new environment and associate it with a consistent food source. Enclosures could be garages, sheds, or even large dog crates. They must be secure so that cats cannot escape, and they must provide protection from any weather. Food, water, and a litterbox must be provided within the enclosure!

What kind of shelter can I provide? Shelter can be anything from a shed or barn to a small weather proof cat house!

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