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Kindness Club

As a non-profit organization, we hope to engage the next generation of caring, animal-loving individuals to help continue our mission of saving the lives of homeless pets.

We’ve created a way for kids to learn about pets while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The IndyHumane Kindness Club offers children five years of age and older the opportunity to enroll in this program, which provides education about animals, how to take care of a pet, responsibilities of pet ownership and animal care. 

Once signed up, children will receive an IndyHumane Kindness Club branded backpack filled with enriching activities centered around animal welfare and hands-on learning. Each kit includes a learning packet folder, IndyHumane stickers, an IndyHumane Foster Program Handbook and Kindness Club pack filled with lessons and activities children can do on their own or with a family member.

Activities include word puzzles, word crosses, matching games and age appropriate explanations of the services and general animal care (behavior, feeding, neonatal care and more) along with guides for crafts, such as making dog treats and cat toys that the children can then donate to the shelter. 

Kindness Club participants will also get a coupon for a virtual “meet and greet” with adoptable animals at the shelter and a coupon to name a puppy or a kitten currently at the shelter. The program was made possible thanks to a grant from the Lilly Endowment in response to the shelter having to cancel their popular summer camp, which hosts around 400 local young students annually, due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents interested in enrolling their children in the Kindness Club can email to arrange a curbside pickup of the club kit at our Michigan Road adoption center.