Jasper the Conquering Cat!

April 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Hello! I’m Jasper, the Conquering Cat!

I arrived at IndyHumane this past October in an urgent need of care. I was suffering a severe case of bladder inflammation. I had this taken care of once previously, but then it flared again stronger than before. We tried fixing it with a catheter, but then my illness returned a third time. I had a total reconstruction of my urethra in order to prevent any chance of it happening again! If it wasn’t for IndyHumane, my short-lived life wouldn’t extend past my previous 5 years. I thank them so much for taking care of me and allowing me time to heal and recover before finding my forever home. There are lots of other cats and dogs who, like me, need a little extra help before they’ll be ready to be adopted. You can learn more about their stories and help them on their way to recovery.

My diet now is permanently limited, but I know I will never have to face another life-threatening bladder inflammation!

Despite all my hardships, I am still so loving. I love people and rubbing my head against their hand! I also love other cats and often tumble around with little kitties at my foster home. I love to play, be near you, and be petted. I am soft and snuggly- which makes me irresistible!

I have been through a lot, but I have also conquered a lot. My last quest to conquer is to find my furever home. If you would love to have me around during this difficult time and forever, please visit indyhumane.org/cats to learn more about me and my other kitty friends who are looking for the purrrfect adopter!