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Spay/Neuter Surgery Instructions

The night before surgery instructions:

After midnight on the night before your animal’s spay/neuter surgery, do not offer your pet any food.
Exception: animals 4 months or younger should be given ½ their normal meal at breakfast the morning of surgery.
Your pet may continue to have access to water up until the time of surgery.

Surgery day instructions:

  • Cat drop off is at 7:30 am. Dog drop off is 8 am.
  • Pick up is at 3:30 pm sharp the same day. Community cat caretakers may choose to pick up:
    • Same day at 4:30 pm (if caretaker is able to recover the cat indoors overnight)
    • Next day at 9 am or 3:30 pm (only available for Tuesday-Thursday surgery patients)

Surgery consent forms and paperwork should be completed online and in advance.  Upon arrival, park in the numbered parking spaces and use your cell phone to follow the instructions on the signs.  Please stay in your vehicle until otherwise directed.  Face coverings are required, or services may be denied.

Cats must come in a carrier or trap and all dogs must be on a leash.  If your pet is not in a carrier or on a leash, you will be required to purchase one from our retail selection.