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Spay/Neuter Surgery Instructions

The night before surgery instructions:

After 10pm on the night before your animal’s spay/neuter surgery, do not offer your pet any food. Your pet may continue to have access to water up until the time of surgery.

Surgery day instructions:

For cats, drop off is at 7:30am. Dog drop off is 8am. Payment is due at the time of drop off. Plan to stay for an hour to check your pet in for surgery. Pick up is at 3:30pm sharp the same day.

For space and safety reasons, dogs should remain in your vehicle* during the brief time it takes to fill out paperwork. Cats must come in a carrier, and you will be asked to purchase a cardboard carrier if your cat is not contained.
*During periods of extreme temperatures, please bring dogs inside. If you have concerns about leaving your dog unattended in your vehicle, please speak with a staff member.