IndyHumane Pet Resource Center

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We know life can be overwhelming at times. Financial insecurity, resources insecurity, and housing insecurity are big reasons people must feel as though they give their pets up, so we started the Pet Resource Center with the goal of keeping pets together with their family. Our Pet Resource Center provides pet people the support and resources they need to keep their pet or find other alternatives to surrendering their family member to a shelter. Through community partnerships, we are able to expand services to help address the issues that cause people to surrender their beloved family members.  

Pet Helpline

Our dedicated team is happy to help pet owners navigate their current obstacles. Let us know your needs and challenges and we’ll help connect you to the resources you need to help keep your pet family together.   

Common things we assist with include: 

  • General pet care questions 
  • Alternatives to shelter surrender 
  • Rehoming services and support 
  • Behavior resources 
  • Pet care resources 
  • Pet care supplies  
  • Referrals to outside human social service and animal welfare agencies for additional supportive services and programs. 

Contact the Helpline: 317.872.5650 ext. 113 or

Hours:  10am-6pm Tuesday through Saturday 

Lost and Found Pets

We provide guidance for pet parents who have lost their pets, as well as good Samaritans who have found pets.

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Community Get Them Home Clinics

We offer community pop up/walk up vaccine and pet identification clinics. These clinics provide free vaccinations to keep pets healthy and happy and provide low-cost microchips to help a pet find their way back home quickly in the event they become lost. 

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Pet Care Resources

Need help with pet care supplies? We’ve got you covered. Thanks to the generosity of donors and community partners, qualified pet owners may receive discounted or free wellness services and preventatives as well as access to the Pet Food Pantry and basic pet supplies – dog houses, kennels, crates, leashes, cat litter, outdoor feral cat shelters, etc. when these resources are available. 

Contact us for more information: 317.872.5650 ext. 113 or

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Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic

IndyHumane provides equitable access to veterinary care to ensure healthy pets and happy people. Everyone has the opportunity to receive low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, microchip, basic testing and lifesaving preventatives. 

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Behavior Resources

Do you love your pet but is their behavior driving you nuts? There are solutions to most pet behavior issues, including training, enrichment, or medication. 

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Rehoming Options

Surrendering your pet can be a difficult decision, but we’re here to help. To make the process easier, we can direct you to resources. 

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Be Part of the Safety Net

No one should have to give up their beloved pet because they can’t afford pet food, veterinary care, or help with behavior issues. Yet, members of our community find themselves financially stretched or facing other setbacks while struggling to afford care for their pets. You can help by investing in the Pet Resource Centers’ mission to help pet owners keep their pets. 


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