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Pet Health

The importance of vaccines: $10 Lepto Vaccines through August

August is National Immunization Awareness Month and while this is not a super fun holiday, keeping your pets up-to-date on their recommended vaccinations and preventative care, is one of the most effective ways to keep them healthy and happy! Many diseases are spread through contact with other animals or a contaminated environment, vaccines provide your...
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IndyHumane’s Statement on Recent New York Declawing Legislation

the recent passing of New York legislation S.5532B/A.1303 which bans pet owners from declawing cats: “We applaud the efforts of New York’s state legislature on the passage of S.5532B/A.1303 into state law. Declawing is simply an outdated and unnecessary practice. This opinion has been part of IndyHumane’s ideology as an organization for years, and we...
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IndyHumane Encourages Pet Owners to Act with Care on Independence Day

As residents begin planning their Fourth of July celebrations, we ask that animals be kept in mind, as there is often an increase of lost pets following the holiday. Celebrations for the holiday often include fireworks and other commotion, which can be stressful to pets or result in them getting lost. For the safety and protection of...
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June Specials at IndyHumane’s Vaccine Clinics!

Summertime is the best time, don’t you think? ☀ The dogs and cats sure do! One thing that becomes especially important in the summer, however, is preventative care for your pets. As your animals spend more time outside, let us help you make sure they’re protected! Stop by one of our two low-cost vaccine clinics...
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