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Animal Rescue

Second Community Cat Dental Day

Our Downtown Clinic recently hosted our second dental day for community cats! Eight cats arrived in need of extreme dental work and our team made it happen. This is a HUGE benefit for Indy’s community cats who otherwise would be living out their golden years in extreme discomfort. Most of these cats needed several, if...
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Natalie (now Rosie): a Happy Beginning

Natalie (now Rosie) is a senior pup who, in the spring of 2019, was repeatedly found as a stray. She had several medical issues, including large tumors across her body. Her previous owner finally admitted to IndyHumane that he couldn’t care for Natalie the way her aging body needed, and he never reclaimed this sweet...
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The importance of vaccines: $10 Lepto Vaccines through August

August is National Immunization Awareness Month and while this is not a super fun holiday, keeping your pets up-to-date on their recommended vaccinations and preventative care, is one of the most effective ways to keep them healthy and happy! Many diseases are spread through contact with other animals or a contaminated environment, vaccines provide your...
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IndyHumane’s Statement on Recent New York Declawing Legislation

the recent passing of New York legislation S.5532B/A.1303 which bans pet owners from declawing cats: “We applaud the efforts of New York’s state legislature on the passage of S.5532B/A.1303 into state law. Declawing is simply an outdated and unnecessary practice. This opinion has been part of IndyHumane’s ideology as an organization for years, and we...
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IndyHumane Receives Grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

We are so excited to announce that IndyHumane received a grant totaling $208,000 from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. The Trust seeks to help people in need, protect animals and nature, and enrich community life in metropolitan Indianapolis and Phoeni “IndyHumane serves 10,000 animals annually through a variety of services, including low cost spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines...
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Foster Parent Highlight: Paige Devine

Paige Devine is an active foster parent here at IndyHumane. Over the years Paige has opened more than just her home to animals in need, but also the entirety of her heart. We were inspired greatly by Paige’s experience in our foster care department and want to share her story. If you or someone you...
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IndyHumane to Rescue Dogs from Puerto Rico: Animals Arrive Monday Night

More than 100 hurricane-displaced animals, mostly dogs, will arrive in the U.S. today thanks to the rescue efforts and leadership of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Locally, IndyHumane was selected as one of the rescue partners on this project. IndyHumane will help transport, care for and find new homes for the pets...
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Before You Declaw

Before you declaw, please research the procedure and potential effects on your cat’s health and behavior. IndyHumane receives questions every week regarding behavior problems in declawed cats. We educate potential adopters about the effects of declawing, but we’ve still encountered cats who were adopted from our shelter, declawed by the owner, and then returned due...
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June is Adopt a Cat Month!

If you’ve been thinking about adding a cat to your family, June is the purr-fect month to do it! Every year, thousands of unaltered cats in Indianapolis give birth to kittens during the spring and summer months. We call it “kitten season”. How can you can help? Spay or neuter your pet cat. Donate items...
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