What Your Support Does For Dogs Like Tucker

August 28, 2018 | Blog

Tucker was one of the first dogs to enter the Behavior Medication program at IndyHumane.  Confiscated for cruelty twice and adopted out 3 times because of his extraordinary needs, Tucker ended up at another shelter after his second adoption, where staff drove to pick him up.  He had such an impact on our staff that he was even featured in our 2016 Annual Report to highlight the work we do with some of our more special behavior cases.

Tucker was adopted out for the third time at our first “Clear the Shelters” event by a family who was drawn in by the waived adoption fees. They met Tucker and absolutely loved him just the way he was and, with support from our team, he has been with them for the past 2 years thriving and living his best life. Recently the family moved into a new apartment and mom was taking him out to potty, but when she stopped to hold the door for a neighbor Tucker slipped out of his collar. He took a joy run right into Washington Street in rush hour traffic and got hit by a car, resulting in a big laceration on his side that required a pricey trip to the vet.

Trusting IndyHumane, the family called to see if we could offer any assistance.  Tucker’s mom said he had changed her life so much that she was willing to surrender him back to us if that was what it took to get him the care he needed. He’s her constant companion, and he makes her laugh, calms her down, and brings joy to her life.  And we know that this family has done all that and more for him. 

So we facilitated treatment for his wound. Knowing that Tucker was such a special case for our teams, we wanted to do all that we could to keep him happy and healthy with a loving family.

IndyHumane kept this dog, who has been through so much, in a loving home by going above and beyond.

His picture hangs in our shelter as a reminder of the lifesaving programs IndyHumane has in place and what those mean, not only to our animals but to the humans who love them. It’s not the first story of our constant mission or about the compassion our staff shows, but it’s a story that means the world to our staff, to a wonderful family, and to Tucker.

Thanks to all who continue to support the programming and mission of IndyHumane. You are why dogs like Tucker have a chance.

– The Behavior Team at IndyHumane