Keep your pets safe this holiday weekend

May 26, 2021 | News

Please note: IndyHumane will be CLOSED in honor of July 4th. We will have staff here to care for the animals, even on days we are closed to the public. We wish you a safe and fun holiday weekend!

IndyHumane offers safety precautions

The festivities surrounding summer holidays can be quite stressful for animals! IndyHumane is offering a few simple precautions and safety tips to ensure that you and your pet have a safe and happy holiday.

  • Exercise is key! Make sure your pet has had a day full of activities so he or she will be more tired.
  • Do not take your pets to fireworks displays or leave them outside when fireworks are being set off. Besides the fact that fireworks can be deadly, they’re also noisy. Even pets who typically aren’t afraid of many things can be scared by the loud noises that accompany fireworks and could become anxious, or even escape from your home or yard seeking refuge from the noise. Keep pets indoors and in a secure area if fireworks are being set off nearby. Bring your pets indoors well before dusk and ensure they’re safely contained inside your home. You could also turn on a radio, TV, or fan to help soften the noises outside. “White noise” like fans or classical music can help. Keep windows and curtains closed if possible. Also, make sure your pup has his or her tags on as well in case they escape or get loose.
  • Act normal! Talk to your pets in an upbeat voice and go about your usual activities. Your pets take cues from you; if they sense you’re confident and unafraid, they will be more likely to respond in a similar manner.
  • Even unused fireworks pose a threat to pets. Many contain harmful substances that could make animals ill, so make sure to store fireworks in an area where curious cats and dogs cannot get to them.
  • Be careful if you’re taking your pet somewhere with you in your car. The temperature inside a parked car can quickly rocket to well above 100 degrees in the summer, even with the windows cracked. Cats and dogs can quickly perish in such extreme temperatures, so if your pet cannot go wherever you’re going, it’s probably safest to leave him at home. Also, be careful to monitor your pets in the heat and make sure to keep them well hydrated.
  • Finally, don’t forget that IndyHumane offers pet microchipping and ID tags and collars, which can help reunite you with your pet if he or she ever becomes lost. If you or anyone you know find or lose a pet, Indy Lost Pet Alert can help reunite them. File a report on their website and follow their Facebook page for updates from the community. Also, take a moment to make sure your contact information is updated with your microchip company— if by chance your pet does escape, this information could save your pet’s life!