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Puppy stolen from Humane Society – suspect leaves on foot

UPDATE: Greg has been safely returned to the shelter!

A 3 month-old  tan and white pit bull puppy named Greg was stolen Tuesday at 3:40pm from the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

“We are infuriated by this brazen act of theft of a living creature,” says John Aleshire, Chief Executive Officer.

Surveillance video shows an African American man wearing a red t-shirt, baggy shorts and a red ball cap wander the adoption room acting suspiciously while waiting for other patrons to leave the room.   He exits the room with the puppy under his arm and goes out a door to a back area. He then reappears in the surveillance footage in the main lobby where he exits the building on foot without the puppy or backpack. It is suspected that he walks around to the back and retrieves the back pack. It is unknown if he had an accomplice.

We are concerned that the puppy could be in danger because of prior health issues. Chief Operations Officer, Christine Jeschke, notes that “Greg was recently being monitored by shelter medical staff.  Since we suspect that Greg was stuffed in a back pack and tossed over a fence, we’d like him returned immediately so his condition can be assessed.”

The shelter’s surveillance video was recently upgraded after a puppy theft in May.  Shelter officials note they will be pursuing even more intense security options as resources allow. “We are beyond frustrated that we will have to allocate precious donor funds for additional security measures that should be being used for medical care of needy animals,” says Aleshire.

IndyHumane is anxious for the safe return of our puppy.  Any tips on this animal’s whereabouts can be called to 317-872-5650 x160. A police report has already been filed.