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New lower pet adoption prices for great cats!

You can now adopt a loving senior or FIV+ kitty for only $35! Adopters often fall in love with a fuzzy kitten and pass over special cats awaiting a forever home. Many senior cats were surrendered through no fault of their own after living with families their entire lives, and FIV+ kitties like Mac can live long, healthy, happy lives with regular vet care. And when you adopt any cat or dog from the Humane Society of Indianapolis, you’re not only saving a homeless animal’s life – you’re also getting a lot of benefits you likely won’t get from a pet store or breeder!

Pet adoption fees:

  * Puppies (6 months and younger) – $150
  * Dogs (7 months and older) – $105
  * Kittens (6 months and younger) – $135
  * Cats (7 months to 7 years) – $75
  * Senior Cats (8 years and older) – $35
  * FIV+ Cats – $35

All adoptions include:

  * Health check
  * Spay or Neuter
  * First round of Distemper/Parvo vaccine for dogs (DA2P-PV) or first round of Distemper vaccine for cats (FVRCP)
  * Bordetella vaccine for dogs
  * Feline Leukemia testing for all cats and Canine Heartworm screening for dogs six months or older
  * First deworming
  * Flea treatment
  * Microchip identification & registration
  * Pet Behavior Resources
  * Pet training discount for dogs
  * Certificate for INITIAL vet visit
  * 30 days of ShelterCare Pet Insurance

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View Puppies and Adult Dogs for Adoption