IndyHumane receives grant from Orphan Kitten Club to save orphan kittens

February 20, 2023 | BlogNews

IndyHumane will receive the funds to help 200 “community kittens” in 2023. 

IndyHumane received a $27,000 Orphan Kitten Club Mightycat Grant to create safe and healthy futures for 200 community kittens in 2023. The program will cover 3 focuses: Medical Service, Foster Care, and Adoption. IndyHumane will partner with Indy Neighborhood Cats (INC)a volunteer-driven group of good samaritans who look out for the health and welfare of Indianapolis’ abundant community cat population. This year, INC will be able to surrender at least 200 kittens (5 per week for 40 weeks) to IndyHumane’s Michigan Road shelter. IndyHumane will provide the kittens with all needed medical care, foster care, and adoption preparation to ensure they can find loving homes.

The goal for this project is to create safe and healthy futures for 200 community kittens that cannot safely grow to adulthood outside. With Orphan Kitten Club’s support, IndyHumane and INC will increase lifesaving for vulnerable community kittens in central Indiana; and, through spay/neuter of the kittens saved, reduce the number of homeless animals in the Indianapolis community. Additionally, by filling a need that the municipal shelter and other local rescues cannot meet, this program will benefit the entire animal welfare community in central Indiana.

” Orphan kittens are by far the most fragile population we serve. Unfortunately, a lack of public education about spay/neuter and kitten care means that kitten season brings a deluge of highly fragile kittens, often unnecessarily separated from their moms, to our shelter.,” said Donna Casamento, IndyHumane CEO. “We increasingly see kitten season not just in the summer months, but continuing all year, so the help from Orphan Kitten Club is really needed and we’re so grateful to have it.”


About IndyHumane:

IndyHumane’s mission is to improve animal welfare in central Indiana. We are committed to ending the cycle of pet overpopulation, providing affordable pet ownership, and ensuring the well-being, health, and safety of all animals in our care. We strive to promote the human-animal bond and the powerful impact this mutually beneficial relationship has on individuals, families, and the Indianapolis community. IndyHumane provides vital services to animals and people alike through sheltering and adopting animals, low-cost spay/neuter, and vaccine clinic, community outreach, and shelter programs for all ages.


About Orphan Kitten Club
Every kitten season, thousands of motherless kittens are at risk of death on the streets and in animal shelters. Without a mother to care for them, kittens face impossible odds, and can’t survive without specialized care. The mission of Orphan Kitten Club is to build innovative programs that save the lives of the tiniest felines. We are building a safer world for the tiniest felines by rescuing them in our state-of-the-art kitten nursery, ending the cycle of reproduction through sterilization, and providing the world’s first grant program targeted at saving neonatal kittens.