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Featured Pets: Lovely the dog and Smokey the cat

I’m Lovely, a beautiful young 10-month-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix who spent more than my fair share of time in the shelter. Sure, they give me food, medical care, fresh air and lots of love, but quite frankly, I deserve more. The other dogs bark way too much for my taste, and people kept passing me by because they can see that the shelter scared me. But I’m a young girl with lots of potential and plenty of time to learn that the world is not a scary place. In fact, my brother Mikey, who was recently adopted, reassured me every night that someone will adopt me soon! For now, I’m relaxing in a foster home – fun! For more information or if you’re interested in adopting me, email the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

My name is Smokey, and I’m the old man of the new FIV + room. It’s super cool here. You need to come visit and see these digs. I’m not completely sure why I couldn’t stay with my other family; I don’t know what “allergic” means. The staff here understands that I’m saddened about moving, but they are really great to me. I love sitting on their laps and I get lots of combing, which feels pretty good. I really just like to sleep in the sun spots and they let me. If you have an empty sun spot that you need filled, I am your guy. There are lots of younger cats here, but wisdom should count for something, right?