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Celebrating Cat Adoptions and Honoring Those Lost

After a vicious virus swept through the shelter’s cat rooms, we’re happy to announce that Tuesday, January 12 marks the return of more than 100 cats for adoption!

To celebrate this and the new year, you can get any of our wonderful kitties for only $20.10 each. Reina and Joker are looking for homes, along with other social, lovable kitties.

Also on January 12, join us at 6 p.m. at the shelter for a memorial ceremony to honor the 72 cats lost during the virus’s spread. Humane Society of Indianapolis staff, volunteers, and other feline friends will light 72 luminaries lining the sidewalk from Michigan Road to the David Horth Pet Adoption lobby. The name of each cat who did not survive will be read as its candle is lit.

In late November, a virus we vaccinate all of our cats for mutated within 24 hours and significantly affected most of the shelter’s cats. Read more about the spread of the virus and how we fought it.

“I’m adopting two of our shelter cats – Siam and One Potato – in celebration of the end of the quarantine,” said Christine Jeschke, Director of Operations. “They were living with the first cat we lost in the outbreak, Buzz, and had mild symptoms. Thankfully, they made it through, and will live with me, my three other cats, four dogs, and my husband and little boy.”

The Humane Society of Indianapolis extends our thanks to the hundreds of generous volunteers, donors, and the local media who made it possible to intensively care for 100+ cats who will soon be available for adoption once again.