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Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Older pets can learn new tricks! Help us celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet month this November.

Most animals end up in shelters through no fault of their own. This is especially true of mature animals.Some have been surrendered because their families had to move to assisted living or shared housing or passed away, and others are brought to us simply because they’re “old.”

Puppies and kittens are by far the most popular animals in shelters. But senior pets prove that adult animals can be loving pets, in spite of their age or background. And when you adopt an adult cat or dog, you might not have to deal with house-soiling or non-stop rambunctious play! Fewer things in life are better than a good night’s sleep.

And perhaps best of all, no surprises: what you see is what you get! You don’t have to worry about taking home a tiny puppy, only to find out in a year that one of its parents was really a Great Dane!