IndyHumane Helps Kentucky Shelter After Floods

September 13, 2022 | BlogNews

IndyHumane lent a helping hand last week to Kentucky Mutts Rescue of Dixon, Kentucky after it was impacted by the area’s severe floods. “We are fortunate to have a surplus of supplies and food right now,” said Kelly Diamond, Director of IndyHumane’s Downtown Clinic. “We reached out to several shelters in the area after their tragic flooding and Kentucky Mutts responded. They came up last week and were able to fill a box truck with much needed supplies and food for their animals.” 

Kentucky Mutts is a volunteer organization that works to find homes for dogs and cats throughout rural Kentucky. All of the animals they house, feed, transport and provide vet care for are funded solely from donations. 

“We actually have several fosters and their families who were in the flood area,” said Vikki Crook, Kentucky Mutts Animal Rescue Director. “Our shelters are already experiencing capacity issues, so we have worked with our partners up North as well as our transport team to expand foster opportunities and seek supplies during this critical time.”

As the organization continues to recover from the loss of supplies and temporary disruption in their day-to-day service offerings, they are in need of interim support solutions. As their mission states that every animal is deserving of a life full of love, security and care, IndyHumane saw immediate alignment in supporting their current challenges. 

Crook and her team took two vehicles with food/donated items from IndyHumane to Hazard, Kentucky this past Saturday. Hazard was one of the hardest counties hit during the flood. Kentucky Mutt volunteers have been coordinating with local officials to distribute food/needed items to the community.  

“We are one large community of animal lovers and we are thankful to be able to help our neighbors during their time of need,” said IndyHumane CEO Donna Casamento. Thanks to a partnership with Chewy, IndyHumane’s Downtown Pet Pantry provides and prioritizes supplies to local animal shelters in central Indiana, but when surplus arises they look outside of Indiana to see what other organizations might need.”

There are currently 104 shelters/rescues/food pantries in Indiana participating in the rescue relief program. 14-16 groups visit IndyHumane’s food pantry per week on a 7-week rotation. Some of the groups who visit receive 2-4 pallets of food every Friday with others receiving 1-2 truck loads from chewy delivered directly to them on a monthly basis. Fido, IndyCares, Indy Neighborhood Cats and Damien Center are just a few of the organizations who benefit from IndyHumane’s support. 

If you would like to get involved, IndyHumane accepts support in the form of financial donations as well as supplies. Learn more about ways to give at