IndyHumane focuses on providing resources to families to keep pets at home with Pet Resource Center

June 6, 2023 | BlogNews

The center is set to prevent 500 cats and dogs from entering shelters in Indianapolis. 

Indianapolis – IndyHumane is rolling out a new Pet Resource Center at their North Michigan Road Shelter. With a startup grant from Tito’s Handmade Vodka, the Pet Resource Center will partner with businesses and use crowdfunding to provide practical, empathetic solutions, and resources to increase pet retention with the goal of keeping families together with their pets. This program will provide pet owners and other individuals with resources to keep their beloved pets at home.

Recently released 24PetWatch data of pet owner surrenders found that 75.4% of cats and dogs are surrendered due to factors related to the owner and not the pet. Leading factors include too many animals, housing issues, caretaker or family health/death, non-aggressive behavior/personality, and financial reasons.

The program is getting off the ground thanks to a Passion Project grant from Tito’s Handmade Vodka. “This grant demonstrates our passion for pets and people,” said Sarah Taylor, Love, Tito’s Philanthropy Partnerships Manager. “The vision of our Vodka for Dog People program is to better the lives of pets and the families who love them, near and far.”

IndyHumane has reported a significant increase in owner surrenders in the last few years – surpassing pre-covid numbers.

“Central Indiana is experiencing a pet overpopulation crisis. One of the factors contributing to this is that people don’t have access to affordable vet care or even basic supplies for their pets.” Said Donna Casamento, CEO of IndyHumane. “We have to work with our community to find a solution. These animals end up being surrendered to municipal as well as private shelters like IndyHumane and we want to prevent that from happening by keeping these families together.  Increasing the quality of life for owned animals and reducing owner surrenders is a part of that solution. IndyHumane has the capacity, partnerships, and expertise to help drive this effort.”

Modeled after successful programs in other states, the Pet Resource Center will provide judgment-free, empathetic, equitable support and solutions contingent on resources available that include:

  • Access to free food through IndyHumane’s Downtown Pantry
  • Access to free vaccines, preventatives, and other medical care as needed
  • Financial support to assist with rental security deposits
  • Free pet supplies, crates, fencing, other pet equipment
  • Access to self-rehoming pet sites.
  • Collaboration and referrals to local partners that offer specialized solutions for pet owners (fencing, expanded medical support, etc)
  • Pet training and behavior resources

If your business would like to collaborate with IndyHumane to support families with pets, or if you would like to donate, visit