Wyatt, the FIV+ Cat

Cat Wyatt Aka Vincent Web
October 17, 2009 | Happy Tails

I just wanted to send you a note and let you know about my new home. My mom is at work right now, so I’m using her computer, but don’t tell.

Thank you so much for taking good care of me while I waited for my forever home. I settled in nicely and everyone has been very friendly. My mother pampers me with treats, catnip, and frequent brushings. She even made me a perch by the bedroom window so I can watch for critters and birds. I have new brothers and sisters and a feral cat, Sassy, that lives on the patio. She doesn’t come in the house, but we sniff each other through the screen.

My mother says I’m her big lover boy and she loves my green eyes. She says green is her favorite color. She changed my name from Vincent to Wyatt, because she said I looked like a profile on a wanted poster – and she definitely wanted me!!!!! She saw my picture on the website and came to the shelter looking for ME! How cool is that?!? She wanted me over all the other cats there. She said FIV makes me special, and people should not be afraid to have us FIV+ cats in their home.

Please continue doing a great job and helping my friends find homes. I miss you, but am very happy in my new home.

Wyatt E.
(part of a home)