Wallace Web
February 28, 2014 | Happy Tails

We are so blessed and grateful to have found such an amazingly sweet, kind, goofy, lovable, and loving companion as Wallace (formerly Eeyore). We spent our first day together just hanging out at home, giving him (and our 2 other dogs, Ruby and Carlos) lots of affection, and all of the dogs are getting along extremely well. He made himself right at home on our couch, and we had all three dogs just resting and relaxing while we watched Animal Planet. We discovered he is a very deep sleeper and is a huge snorer! I have never heard a dog snore that loud – it is so funny!

He ended up falling asleep on the couch with Jeremy (my fiance and Wallace's other guardian), while Ruby and Carlos (our other dogs) and I all slept in our king size bed. That is, until Jeremy woke up this morning and Wallace quickly got into the bed with me and we snuggled for several hours. Today, we went out to buy him a little sweater to keep him warm (without embarrassing him) and lots of treats, and we took a really great walk around our neighborhood with all of the dogs.

Jeremy and I are both massage therapists and we converted our massage room in our house to become Wallace's playroom (in lieu of a crate, since we plan on allowing him to roam freely once all the dogs can be left together alone in the future), complete with lots of blankets and toys (he loves his Kong)! Additionally, to help with the discomfort of his hip displaysia, we plan to regularly massage him to alleviate/prevent any discomfort he may face (in addition to supplements, etc).

He seems to be adjusting extremely well and as promised to the wonderful staff of the Humane Society of Indianapolis, we will continue to send updates and will bring him in for visits once he adjusts to his new life with us.

Thank you to everyone who works at IndyHumane so very much for all of the help you have given us, and for taking such wonderful care of such an amazing soul. Wallace is truly a gift, and our lives will be forever changed, thanks to all of you.


Liz and Jeremy