February 1, 2013 | Happy Tails

I wanted to give you an update on Tucker, formerly known as Marco Polo, and his life after adoption. I adopted Tucker on December 16, 2011, and he is one happy, healthy, and energetic little terrier! He is now seven years old but doesn't act a day over one and he sure does love his squeaky toys, cuddling with his blanket, and nice long walks. Over a year after adopting him, I cannot imagine my life without him; coming home after a long day is so much more wonderful when I know he is waiting right behind the door with a squeaky toy in his mouth. I am so thankful I found him and I am even more thankful to everyone at the Humane Society of Indianapolis for taking care of him before I adopted him. He was at the humane society for quite a long time and while I can't imagine why, I am so thankful he was cared for and loved during his stay. I make sure to tell everyone to adopt! Thank you for keeping Tucker, and so many other animals, safe before going to their forever homes!

Cassie and Tucker

P.S. The photo was taken while I was studying for a law school final; Tucker wanted to play!