Tiger Lily and Olive

March 13, 2015 | Happy Tails

My husband and I recently became empty nesters as our two daughters moved out and entered the next phase of their lives. At almost the same time, we lost our 18 year old calico cat that we adopted over 11 years ago. We were going through a lot of changes, to say the least. 

Our daughter became a foster mom for IndyHumane this past summer. When I met her first foster kittens for the first time, I instantly fell in love with one of them. My husband and I decided we would adopt her as soon as she was old enough. As time went on, and she and her sister grew, we realized that we could not separate these two kitty sisters. The bond they had was too strong to break apart and we knew we had enough love for both of them. 

We officially adopted Tiger Lily and Olive in July 2014 and our lives have changed. They amaze us and make us laugh. They give us unconditional love and make our home feel alive.  We converted our guest room into a Kitten Playground but now that Playground seems to have spilled into the rest of the house too! We love it and we love them. We are so happy we adopted both of them together. They are inseparable as they are very seldom out of each other's sight. They are love bugs, partners in crime, and our precious babies. 

Thank you IndyHumane for everything you do to change the lives of the animals in your care and also for the human lives you are changing too!

Marc & Carolyn