July 30, 2012 | Happy Tails

ThunderSix months ago, I lost my best friend Sparky to cancer. I was devastated and hesitant to adopt again. However, after some convincing, I realized that there was no better way to honor his memory than to give another homeless dog a chance to have the same wonderful life as I had given Sparky. I went to IndyHumane and came across a short little brindle guy named Thunder. Somehow, I immediately knew that he and I were meant for each other, and I was able to bring him home a few days later. He fits in so well at our house that it's hard to believe it has only been four months since that fantastic day!

Thunder photo 2Since then, Thunder and I have had so much fun together. He loves my roommate and his new kitty friend, GG. He learned to run next to me on my bicycle, an activity that has quickly become his favorite. He challenges me to races and can surprisingly hold his own. His energy seems to be limitless! If he's been a particularly good boy, we will take walks to our local dog bakery down the street. The "dirt cup" ice cream is his favorite. We also love going to the lake to splash and run in the water. We're still working on swimming, but I have a feeling that it will be his new favorite thing once he gets the hang of it. Recently, he even got to come with my roommate and me to Florida to meet his new grandma and grandpa! He loved the ocean and all of the people, dogs and birds that were at the beach. He also got to come out fishing in the boat with us.

Thunder photo 3I am so thankful for Thunder and all of the joy that he has brought into my life. He has definitely filled a void. I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. Thank you so much for bringing us together, IndyHumane!