August 7, 2017 | Happy Tails

We adopted Sully (we changed his name just slightly to Sullivan, but we still call him Sully, too) on February 16, 2013, only 6 weeks after he had his front left leg amputated. 

Although there was a little bit of an adjustment period for our other two cats to get used to Sully being here, this little guy has been nothing short of amazing. He is without a doubt the happiest cat I have ever known – we even gave him the middle name “Happy!”

He loves to spend his days lounging around the house and playing with his cat brother and sister, Oscar and Sophie. He's still a little unsure of his 22-month-old human sister, but she adores him, and he seems to enjoy her toys.

Having only 3 legs has not slowed Sully down the least bit. He runs, jumps and plays as well as any 4-legged cat.

I am so thankful my husband and I were able to adopt Sully and give him a safe, loving home in which to spend his many remaining cat lives. I can't imagine our family without him. He is truly a joy to be around!