March 11, 2015 | Happy Tails

Sport is doing great; we couldn't have asked for a better dog! We took him to the vet the first week for the initial appointment and vaccinations. He still had a respiratory infection, so she put him on more antibiotics and he just finished yesterday. Now he can run with all the other dogs at the dog park and not cough!

His manners are much better now, too. He gets along great with everybody he meets (including his dog friends). He's become very fond of hide and seek (where we hide a toy and he goes and finds it), so we play a ton of that when it's too cold to be out at the park. He's been the easiest dog to train, and he fits in so well with us. We couldn't be happier! Thanks again to all the staff at the Humane Society of Indianapolis for giving us the opportunity to take care of this pup.