Sophie & Bender: Special Pit Bulls Find Special Home Together

January 8, 2010 | Happy Tails

Sophie Elise and Bender Harrison, two young Pit Bull Terrier mixes with special needs, touched many hearts before finding their new families. Both of these loving dogs were recently adopted and now share their love of life together! Bender’s adopters share their story:

I wanted to write to you about my ‘big, mean Pit Bulls.’ You see, I came from the suburbs, where we have Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, and Labs; where Pit Bulls are the dogs that you hear about on the news that are only attacking humans and fighting. If you’d ever have told me one would become one of the greatest loves of my life, I would have called you crazy. Furthermore, if you told me that I would be so in love that I would bring my roommate in and convince her to get another one, I would have said you were insane! But that’s just what happened.

We’d been talking about getting a dog for a little over a year when I happened upon your Humane Society of Indianapolis” target=”_blank”>website and saw the picture of Bender. He was maybe the most goofy looking dog I’d ever laid eyes on and maybe the cutest I’d ever seen! I watched his video, and immediately Jamie and I marched right down to inspect him in person. It took about 30 seconds for us to fall in love, and a few hours later he was laying on our couch, an immediate part of our family! 

It took no time at all to find out that “big” and “mean” would be the exact opposite adjectives I’d use to describe my handsome man. Sweet, sensitive, lazy, loving, innocent, and hilariously funny would be much more his speed. He spends the majority of his days napping, and when he is not doing that he is attempting to get as many treats with as minimal effort as possible! He follows me around pretty much everywhere just to make certain everything’s kosher. He loves children, peanut butter, and anyone willing to lay on the couch with him and not make him move! If I was looking for a guard dog, I got the wrong guy – he’s pretty much scared of anything bigger than a chipmunk.

Sophie (formerly Isis) came along not too long after and officially made our home complete. Our roommate, Rachel, was jealous that she didn’t have a dog of her own, and we came to to HSI and found Sophie.

She is the ball of energy, she’s the protector, she is the party planner for our daily lives! She and B. Harrison (Bender’s nickname) have become best friends and playmates, spending most of their days finding mischief and new places with great sunlight to nap in. They rule the roost, but we don’t mind: they are the best addition to our home ever!

So once again, thank you so much for our “big, mean Pit Bulls”! Without Bender Harrison and Sophie Elise, I am positive our lives would’ve never been the same!

Nate L. and Jamie S.