Sparky and Cilantro

Sparky Cilantro
September 11, 2017 | Happy Tails

It's been over a year now since my husband adopted Sparky and Cilantro (aka Silly) for us. I originally saw the duo when visiting the shelter with a friend who is also a volunteer. I said hello, and Sparky jumped right out for cuddles! His sister hid in the corner not wanting any attention. I went home telling my husband I hope they get adopted together, and that the girl is so shy and her brother just SO friendly. The next day he was late coming home and I got a call from the shelter asking if I was ok with my husband adopting the duo. He wanted to surprise me, well I was surprised! And I was so happy I knew they weren't going to be separated, and that they would be living with me!

A year later, Sparky is still the biggest baby. He would let me hold him all day if I wanted, and he would rub my face. He is the first to run downstairs when I get home all groggy eyed just to say hello. Silly has stopped being as shy with us, but she is still going to hide if any strangers are here. We however are finally able to pet her and she sleeps in bed with us. And, she is very comfortable begging for chicken! The duo love each other more than anything; I love catching them cuddling still just like when I saw them at the shelter.