Selena Kyle

June 8, 2015 | Happy Tails

I wanted to give you an update on a recent addition to our family. My name is Brian and my fiancé is Candy. We came to IndyHumane on Saturday, Sept. 13th, and added Caraway, now Selena Kyle, to our family. I had been in several times to check on status of Selena and even dreamt about her. On Saturday, I took my fiancé to meet the princess who had dominated my dreams over the previous few days. Candy immediately fell in love with her and we decided that we could provide a very comfortable home for Selena, a blind 7 month old that had been in IndyHumane’s care since July.  

We took Selena home and introduced her to her big sister Rosie. Rosie is a 9-year-old Russian Blue with serious attitude, and she hissed and growled, but she gave Selena the room she needed to get familiar with the new surroundings. I am VERY happy to report that after only a few hours, Selena was able to locate her food, water and litter box with NO help. She had only minor difficulties with furniture, and has made herself very prominent in the home. She meows if she has trouble finding us, but we have found that with only a little assistance, she will come to our voices or whistles every time. She is eating very well and has played like a kitten should. She is a very great addition to our home. After several days, we realized that she was stealthy like a Cat-Woman character, as she was always getting into areas we had blocked off. This is why her new name is Selena Kyle, like the Batman character, to compliment her stealthiness.