September 26, 2012 | Happy Tails

SabrinaIn August of 2011, I began volunteering as a Feline Friend at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. On my very first day, I walked into a corral and was greeted by a beautiful black cat with a little white patch on her chest. She had gorgeous green eyes and greeted me with a "meow" but had a way of rolling her R's when she meowed. She was at eye level on a shelf and came right up and gave me a headbutt, which is the cat way of saying hello. She had such a mellow and friendly personality, and we instantly became very attached. That sweet little cat's name is Sabrina. Each week when I'd come in to visit all the cats, she would sit very patiently and watch me, knowing I'd finally come scratch under her chin and feed her treats. She would just purr and purr. In a way, Sabrina picked me out, and in December, I adopted her. She is the perfect roommate and an excellent office assistant. Before I leave for work in the morning, she has organized my documents for me by lounging on my portfolio bag. During the day, she loves to stretch out in the windowsill and keep track of the birds and neighborhood dogs, as well as work on her daily nap quota. When I come home from work, she greets me at the door and meows hello. She loves to curl up beside me on the couch and watch TV with me. "Wizard of Oz" is her favorite movie. So many black cats are overlooked for adoption, and I don't know why. I couldn't have asked for a better cat and companion, and I am so thankful I can provide Sabrina with a loving, forever home.

Nathan Howard
Feline Friend