Ruby Birthday.Jpeg
September 14, 2015 | Happy Tails

My family has been fostering for HSI for years now and we love it. Last summer we received 3 sick kittens that we nursed back to health. One of them, however, almost didn't make it; she had to receive ‘round-the-clock care and lots of love to help her pull through. This little girl's name is Ruby, and she pulled at my heart strings so much that I eventually broke down and adopted her. Unfortunately, due to the sicknesses she had as a baby, her eye never healed, and HSI had to perform surgery to remove it. But not once has that stopped her from being the biggest, fluffiest ball of joy running around the house today. She is the best cat I could ever ask for, and I thank the Humane Society of Indianapolis for helping us save her life. She just recently celebrated her first birthday with us. She is thrilled about her birthday outfit, can't you tell?!
Thanks again, she is perfect!