March 3, 2014 | Happy Tails

This little girl had a rough start in life! Roxie (formerly Mozart) was found outside last June when she was only a few weeks old, then spent the next couple months in shelters.

I had always dreamed of having a dog, but never had one growing up. Just a few months after my husband and I got married, I couldn't wait any longer! My husband and I spent the weekend visiting shelters. As soon as we saw this little puppy, we wanted her. My husband even stood by her cage while I looked at the rest of the dogs- we didn't want anyone else to snatch her up! She was so sweet, and every time we started to walk away she started barking for us to come back.

We should have known right then she was going to be a "people" dog. She follows us around all the time, and more than likely she's sitting on our feet, leaning against our legs, or giving us those big "puppy dog" eyes, asking to be let on the couch with us. She's so smart, she learned almost right away how to fetch, and graduated 2nd in her puppy class! She's just about the most outgoing dog you've ever met- if you're a person, she wants to lick you, and if you're a dog, she wants to wrestle you!

We're so thankful for the work the Humane Society of Indianapolis does to save dogs like Roxie. She's the dog I always dreamed of, and without them we never would have found this sweet girl!